250r.... There's just something magical about that word. After spending months of looking and longing after one, I finally bought myself a 1985 ATC250r. My $710 "bargain" has quickly become a money pit. The first order of business was to get this thing home. The problem being that it was in Youngstown, OH and home is in Sioux City, IA. It's only about a 1,000 miles away and at 15mpg, I wasn't driving! So, after many empty promises from people I knew, I took matters into my own hands.

I put up a post on 3Wheeler World, begging for anyone who could help me. Thankfully, "TimSr." agreed to help me out. The plan was that I would book a container through a truck freight company called ForwardAir and get it shipped home. The bike would be shipped from there Cleveland location to Omaha. Tim's task was to get the bike from Youngstown up to Cleveland. Amazingly, the container booking went flawlessly, Tim got the bike to the terminal and managed to just barely shoe horn it into the container, and everything arrived in one piece and on time in Omaha!

I had a hard time sleeping the night before and bolted out of bed in the morning when ForwardAir called early in the morning. We made it down to Omaha in good time, got the bike loaded, hit some stores, and made it back exactly three minutes before I had to be at work. It was fun unloading it that night. There's a makeshift ramp two blocks from my house that I used to unload it. I then found out that a three-wheeler with a flat in the front doesn't roll very well. So I grabbed the grease covered front forks, picked the front end up, and walked it backwards on two wheels. It was about 25 degrees out and pitch black out. Oh, what fun!

I figured I'd at least take this wreck on ride before stripping in down for a restoration. I mixed up some gas, poured in a quart of oil, and kicked the engine over....NOTHING! There was no fire, the plug terminal was the wrong style, and the plug boot came right off the coil wire when I pulled on it. So much for a ride before tearing it down. So I rolled it in the front yard like good white trash and began to disassemble it. I took some pictures before I went after it with the wrenches. Next...