After letting it sit in the driveway for a few days, I finally got the nerve to tear this thing on down. It was sprinkling outside, so I had to roll things under a pine tree. It was at this point I began to realize that this bike was going to need more than a few cosmetic fixes. Suprisingly though, everything came apart easy that afternoon. By the end of that day, I had the rolling chassis striped even further than in the picture. I rode around with it in the back of my truck for a few days until I could get it to the car wash. It turns out that someone decided a countershaft seal wasn't necessary and it now had a healthy oil leak. The bottom part of the frame was caked with crap and not very fun to work with.

Then the urge finally struck me to get the rolling chassis out of the truck and down it into the basement. It's kind of funny how you get these ideas when it's night, raining, and COLD. So, working by the glow of my truck's headlights, I managed to pull out the back axle. However, swingarm bolt wouldn't pound out. So I tied the swinger out of the way and took it down the cellar stairs. DON'T DO THIS ON YOUR OWN. The front end jumped every which way and I had to do my damnedest to keep from eating wall. Well, I did manange to get it in and mercilessly beat on the swingarm bolt until it was free.

It was now at this point I could take inventory of everything that needed attention. A few problems areas now became ALOT of problems areas. This is a VERY condensed version of what needed to be done. I won't mention the dozens of frozen bolts, missing smalls items, and stuff that needed cleaned.

-Replace all bearings and seals
-Replace rear bearing carrier and axle
-Overhaul forks and replace shock
-Replace all plastic and wet sand tank
-Repair wiring harness
-Replace engine cases and misc parts
-Powdercoat frame and swingarm
-New fastners
-Overhaul all brake componets
-Sand and polish engine covers