After a few days of fully breaking things down and sorting, I managed to get the frame and swingarm over to the powdercoater's. For a paltry $65, they stripped the frame and powdercoated it in red and white. In about a week, I finally had something I could show, and the results looked great. Jeez, I'm starting to sound like an episode of "American Chopper". Now all I need is Paul Sr., telling me how I'm doing it all wrong, Mikey for some comic relief, and Vinnie to actually do the work.

The first thing I put back on the bike were the radiators, freshly overhauled forks, and one sweet NOS shock. Assembly at this stage threw a few challenges at me. For starters, the swingarm bearings did not want to come out. I was too eager to get things powerdercoated and I didn't bother to remove them. I took a few evenings of using a 10lb sledge and the old axle as a drift to get them freed up. I finally got the new bearings in, bolted up the swingarm, and then lost interest for about four months. I think I have project ADD.

I finally got back to work in the spring with a newly minted Mastercard. My first "big" purchase a Lonestar billet bearing carrier and Axcalibur +4 axle shaft. I wanted to get this thing back into a rolling chassis and out of the basement. I about had a heart attack when my bearing carrier wouldn't fit in the Westcoast swingarm. I was afraid I would have to loose the swingarm because something was "wrong" with it. Silly me didn't realize I just needed to grind off the powdercoating on the inside of the swinger. I finally got that done and now had a rolling chassis and escaped the basement.